We design and manufacture lifts based on the needs that currently exist at your facility. When the ski lift are in operation, we have skilled technicians who can help you with maintenance and service.

We are a unique partner for Swedish and international ski resorts. Our skills and expertise lie in the planning and design of integrated facilities with all the essential components. We delivered our first lift back in 1952 and since then our cableway technology has spread right through our company. Nowadays we don’t just use our cableway technology for lifts, funiculars and gondolas. We have had the privilege of building office modules, industrial railways and cableways for many purposes in addition to ski transport, but there are three areas where we never cut corners: quality, safety and service.

Liftbyggarna aims to make life easier for you and your facility. After 60 years in business we have experience of what works best in the long run and we hope to share our knowledge with you.


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